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5th Grade Class
~Home of Marvelous Math Students~
Welcome to 5th Grade Math!  We will have a great year and practice many interesting math skills & concepts.  To make sure you have a successful year of learning, please follow these  rules:
1.   Don't be afraid to make mistakes.
The most important thing in math is to be comfortable.  Everyone makes mistakes and mistakes are a chance to learn something.  I believe we can learn more from making a mistake than we can from doing something perfectly the first time through.
2.  Ask questions.
Only you know for sure if you understand what you are learning.  The best learners are those who think about their thinking.  Stop and ask yourself if you understand what we are practicing.  If you don't understand something, ask for help.  Don't feel afraid or embarrassed to ask questions.  Someone else in class is probably wondering the same thing.  Ask the question and they will have a chance to learn also.
3. Memorize your basic math facts.
If you memorize your basic facts, everything in 5th grade math will be twice as easy and you will get your work finished twice as fast.  This is true, just ask a former 5th grader.
4.  Use your class time wisely.  
You will have one Study Island assignment and one or two homework assignments each week.  If you focus on your work during class, you will have very little actual homework.
5.  There's no crying in math.
Some new math concepts can be difficult to grasp.  We are all different people and have strengths and weaknesses. If something is tricky, make sure you don't panic.  Ask for help, keep trying, stay positive and know that we will conquer the new skill.  Facing a challenge is good for us.  We gain a lot of confidence from tackling new concepts.
6.  Use personal best effort on your work.
We will correct ALL missed math problems in class or during Intervention periods. Take the time to do a good job the first time through and ask for help when you need it.  You will save your self a lot of time by doing it right the first time. 
7.  Always ask this question:  
 If you ask your self this question, it will help you catch your own mistakes.  Then you won't have to correct missed problems later.
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