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Flipping Stereotypes Book from AP/Adv Art
Flipping Stereotypes Book from AP/Adv Art

Our art students at Yellow Springs High School have collaborated to create an interactive art book that challenges stereotypes and raises the question: what is the “average American teenager?”

Using a familiar mix-and-match format often found in children's books, you can flip the heads, torsos, and legs of teen stereotypes to create brand new and complex people. The Loner, the Athlete, the Immigrant, and seventeen other archetypal characters transform from one-dimensional stereotypes to multifaceted human beings according to your actions.

We challenge you to reflect on your own expectations for these twenty characters when you consider what could be possible for each of them. This interactive experience reminds us that no one is a simple as they appear to be, and we have more in common with one another than we realize.

Copipes of the book ar eavailable at Yellow Sproiiongs High School or through teacher Elisabeth Simon @