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7th Grade PBL Saves YS School District $24,000!
7th Grade PBL Saves YS School District $24,000!

7th Grade PBL Saves YS School District $24,000!

Jack Hatert, 7th grade math and science teacher, is saving Yellow Springs’ Schools an estimated $24,000 with his amazing idea to have his math classes make laptop charging carts for each teacher in the middle and high school. Buying 12 new laptop carts for the 14 new laptops each teacher received this year as part of our new emphasis on Project Based Learning, he says, would cost the district about $2,000 dollars a piece!

He came up with this idea because it seemed like a great opportunity to teach his students mathematics and science, accurate measurement, teamwork skills, collaboration, and use of construction tools such as drills and saws.

To ensure the laptop carts were not only useful but beautiful, Mr. Hatert collaborated with Ms. Materne, 7th grade art teacher, to have students paint the outside of the carts based on teacher preferences.

The students first had to prepare shopping lists for the supplies they would need to accurately construct a laptop cart based on the specifics that the teachers said they would like for their laptop cart to have. This included colors, width, length, and whether they wanted their carts 7 laptops wide and 2 tall, or 3 laptops wide and 5 tall.

7th grader Riley Duncan said that she enjoyed the project and learned that with projects, you need to be very time-wise.

“Time goes faster than you might think and you won’t get anything done if you aren’t wise,” she said. She also said that you have to be very financially wise.

Olivia Snoddy, another 7th grader, also said that this project taught her to be very financially wise. Olivia also felt that she learned that sometimes you need to be very patient with people. Olivia admitted that the project was a lot of fun except the fact that she basically had to start all over!

Thanks to Jack Hatert and the 7th grade mathematicians, our school will have an extra $24,000 that we wouldn’t have had without them! Not only that, but the 7th graders have learned new skills that will last a lifetime.  

~ written by McKinney Middle School student Meryam Raissouni, grade 8 (from Ms. Desiree Nickell’s McKinney Messenger class)